Today is a huge event for Obamacrats….this is the 100th day of the Obama Presidential Administration and it is being touted and celebrated by many all over the political spectrum. 

The left is gushing galore, singing the President’s praises even louder than usual and commending him on all that he has accomplished in a mere 100 days.  The right is being a lot less deferential.  Conservatives are at best stating that it is too early to judge Obama’s effects on the Nation stating that results have yet to be witnessed from the actions that he has taken and at worst highlighting all of the mistakes and errs in judgment that have been on display likening the Administration to Freshman in high school.

There are many questions to be asked on this day, the first being: Is this an accurate barometer for what is to come in the next 1,361 days, or is it just another day?  Should we take measure of what Obama has done to this point in his Presidency and size him up?  Is this fair?  Is 100 days really enough time to be able to see any fruits?  Is the first 100 days” of the Obama Administration being examined in the same way as we have summed up past presidents?  Or is Obama being labeled as akin to FDR through rose tinted glasses?

Personally I feel that 100 days really is too little of a frame of time to be able to judge in a way that gives too much praise, or too little faith.  While being a Conservative automatically puts me on a collision course for disagreement with Obama and at odds with looking through the rose tint, I don’t want to only look at his Presidential Administration in an only negative light either.  I feel that by doing so, I would be placing myself in the same company as those that did and still do suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome.  I am willing to stand up and applaud when I think that the President deserves praise however, I am also going to be the first one to air any grievances as well….this applies to any and ALL POTUS, not just the Obama.  First, I think that a look back at the origins of the concept of the “First 100 Days” originated and then we can compare it to today. 

The milestone marker of the “First 100 Days” was part of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal” in 1933.  When Roosevelt took office on March 4, 1933, the nation was in turmoil.  The Great Depression was in full swing, having officially hit the United States on October 29, 1929, the day of the most devastating crash of the stock market on Wall Street, also referred to as Black Tuesday.  The New Deal was a series of economic acts that FDR initiated in order to bring immediate relief to the American people.  The President met with Congress every day for the first 100 days of his Administration and during those 100 days, Congress was almost entirely compliant with Roosevelt giving him just about everything he wanted.

The effects of the New Deal agenda on the The Great Depression are highly debated to this day among the different schools of economic and political thought.  One thing that is definite is that fact that good, bad or indifferent, the New Deal did make a big mark on the United States in cultural, economic, social and political spheres.  Some of the programs that came out of the New Deal include:

Roosevelt’s concept was to get relief to those that needed it the most via redistribution of income (take from the rich and give to the poor).  He also wanted to ensure long-term economic solutions and did so by creating and reorganizing new agencies, some of which are listed above.  While initially in favor of running a balanced budget, the programs enacted in the New Deal caused budget deficits and was what lead the United States off of the gold standard.  In his First Inaugural Address, Roosevelt stated, “Practices of the unscrupulous money changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion, rejected by the hearts and minds of men. . . . The money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization.”.

Since World War II there has been question as to whether or not the New Deal brought about the end of the Great Depression, whether it stabilized the economy and prevented deeper depression, or whether or not the New Deal itself did drive the country into further depression.  In 1937, there was a further drop in the economy (Recession of 1937) which lasted throughout most of 1938 and it was during this dip that the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL/CIO), were formed.  However once the United States officially entered World War II in 1941, the unemployment rate was down from a high of 24.9% in 1933 to 9.9% and by the end of the war in 1945, unemployment was estimated at 1.9%.

So how does the New Deal of FDR and his “First 100 Days” milestone compare and contrast with the first 100 days of the Obama Administration?  To start with, while the economy has entered a recession we are not anywhere near the Great Depression when it comes to unemployment rates, banking standards or economic policies.  Secondly while many will look at the actions that President Obama has taken during his first 100 days as similar or even on par with FDR, remember it wasn’t until years after Roosevelt’s New Deal began, that the United States could see the effects (whether good or bad) on the country.  After studying quite a bit about the FDR Administration, the New Deal and the Great Depression, I can see where one who was looking for them, might find similar issues however I would caution those people to realize the full scope of the global economy in 1933 versus 2009 and hopefully they will see that it is nearly impossible if not downright impossible, to fairly compare the two….at least not at the 100 day mark.  Hopefully the day will never come when we will be able to paint a side by side portrait of the two administrations and what were accomplished in the first 100 days of each because to be able to do so, would mean that the United States and global economies would have to take a sharp downward turn and spiral completely out of control.  If that did indeed happen, it wouldn’t be Obama riding to the rescue as FDR was in 1933….Obama would own it instead.

There have though, been a number of things that have been acted upon during these first 100 days of Barack Obama’s presidency.  Some of which I agree with, very little that I am indifferent to and most of which I think is completely wrong.  I think it is the wrong time to be increasing our debt, deficit by attempting to spend our way out of recession and increasing social programs such as National Healthcare and the Nationalization of the financial and industrial centers, yet cutting the budget of our Defense Department while we are in the middle of two, boots -on-the-ground wars and a third on terror.  I think that it is not the time or place….nor is it ever the time or place, to apologize for America’s past on behalf of Americans and to do this apologizing to leaders of the very countries that seek to harm us and our allies.  I do not believe that talking to those that will ever peacefully give up their quest for nuclear arms, world jihad or the destruction of Israel.  But I’ll save that for my next post.  ;0)

So to recap, the questions asked on the “First 100 Days” mark were; Is this an accurate barometer for what is to come in the next 1,361 days, or is it just another day?  Should we take measure of what Obama has done to this point in his Presidency and size him up?  Is this fair?  Is 100 days really enough time to be able to see any fruits?  Is the first 100 days” of the Obama Administration being examined in the same way as we have summed up past presidents?  Or is Obama being labeled as akin to FDR through rose tinted glasses?

The summary?  Well, I think that everyone will have to answer those questions for themselves, but here is my take:

I feel that while the “First 100 Days” mark is an artificial milestone in these times, it does show one thing….I believe it shows judgment and the character of said.  Presidents can and often do, change their polices and stances throughout the course of their administration, but the essence of a person is in their character, judgment, choices that they make and actions that they take and those while sometimes camouflaged, are not often changed. 

I think that while it is too early to see what effects Obama’s to date are going to have on the country, especially over the long term, we can definitely see the direction that he wants to lead this country and to me it feels like a sharp turn to the left.  And while it may not be fair to size up the next 3 and 1/2 years yet, I thin that it is fair to hold him accountable for the actions that he has taken, the decisions that he has made and I definitely think that it is fair to not only expect, but demand that he own the good, bad and indifferent and get off of the rhetoric of blaming those that came before him.

As far as gazing though those shades tinted rose, I think that people desire strong leadership and are at time manipulating the scene in order to catch those rays through their glasses…I just hope that they aren’t wearing goggles.  I think that the left will continue to see the majority (and in some cases, all) of Obama’s actions in that positive light and I can only hope that while not totally attempting to discredit everything that he has touched, that the right not fall under the spell cast by the halo appropriated by the left (probably with our tax dollars at that!).  In the absence of leadership, some will follow the one shouting the loudest and some will quietly look for this quality in others.  Which scenario we face in the days to come is anybodies guess, but we all have our opinions.  Mine says keep looking.