Mainstream Media, MSM, Drive-Bys….however you refer to them or what terminology you use, they all point to the same sources.  The MSM is a term that is used most commonly when referencing major newspapers, syndication agencies and television news broadcasts.  Some of the most popular MSM outlets are:

Daily Newspapers (standard newspaper format dailies)

  • The New York Times
  • The Washington Post
  • The LA Times
  • The San Francisco Chronicle
  • The Atlanta-Journal Constitution
  • The St. Petersburg Times

Syndication Agencies

  • Associated Press (AP)
  • United Press International (UPI)
  • Reuters

Television Broadcast News

  • NBC
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • CNN
  • NPR
  • PBS
  • Fox News Channel (though not as commonly referred to MSM as above listed entities, Fox News often refers to MSM bias when reporting)

When reading, listening or watching the majority of these news outlets it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to spot the bias in the presentation or format of their “reporting”.  That isn’t an insult to those that watch, listen to, or read any of the above by any means.  It is just that in recent times, these organizations have gone from attempting to remain neutral in their reporting, to pretending to be neutral, to outright advocacy of certain issues that are almost always liberal in nature.  By doing this, they have made it easy to spot and I believe that all but the most left of the left can see it.  The trick isn’t being able to spot it…the trick is ignoring the slants and still being able to obtain the news and just the news. 

 I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to have my news interpreted for me.  Tell me the facts, present the circumstances and let me draw my own conclusions.  It is a not-so-well kept secret that a majority of “journalists” are liberal in their political philosophies and that many of them not only don’t attempt to hide it, but have become quite proud of their declarations.  How many remember Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s “Hardball” grossing us all out when he said that when he listened to Obama give a speech, he got a “thrill” up his leg….boy that was fodder not only in the days following the comment, but is sure to be for a long time.

Of course when talking about “journalists” and their bias (one way or the other), I want to be fair and state that I firmly believe that there is a difference between those that report the news and those that interpret the news.  In other words reporters vs. pundits/commentators and some anchors depending upon the station and the program.  Do I really expect to turn into “The Rachel Maddow Show” or Countdown w/Keith Olbermann” on MSNBC and expect to hear the news, just the news and nothing but the news?  Of course not!  My problem isn’t necessarily with the pundits/commentators and their interpretation of the news for their broadcasts.  My problem on that front stems from the fact that there is a HUGE chunk of the population that does in fact, turn into these programs and expect that what they are hearing is journalistic reporting.  It is not….it is demagoguery personified. 

The other problem, as I see it, with the MSM is in what used to be known as reporting the news…in other words, those that are NOT pundits and commentators, but those that claim to be journalists reporting the news.  The traditional role of a news reporter or anchor was to bring you the news in a concise and factual manner.  It seems like a clear cut issue; gather the facts and report the facts.  If I turn into the 6 o’clock news to catch up on the events of the day, I don’t want the person that is supposed to be relaying those events to me to give me their two cents along with the facts that they cherry-picked to mix in with opinion.  I want the facts…that’s it.  If I want opinion I will either form my own, or tune into shows that I know are commentary in nature in order to see what others think on certain matters.  Otherwise, just give me the news!

I think that in the past couple of election cycles (really heating up during the Bush vs. Gore race in 2000), we have seen the MSM take on the role of advocating causes and not being an advocate for their viewers.  If they really cared about the news and their viewers then they wouldn’t try to tell them what they think they should be thinking.  Even though this is really nothing new (nothing under the sun is), it has even gone a step further from advocacy to down right campaigning for candidates and issues.  Anyone that turned on a television, read a newspaper or listened to a radio was exposed to a variety of opinions and nearly all were in favor of the election of Barack Obama for president.  While there have been a great number of polls that have conducted research in this area, the gist of those that were really out to find the truth all basically came to the same conclusion…the MSM wanted Obama as the 44th President.  Taking an average of those independent polls you can find that when “reporting” the news, about 75% of all segments about Obama were positive in nature while less than 30% of segments about John McCain were positive in nature.  Those figures alone are scary….however that is not the most frightening part.  What is the most frightening (at least to me) is; a) there is a large section of the population that does not see it, whether it be that they were too blinded by the halo shining above “The One”, that they weren’t looking for it, that they didn’t especially care, or that they did notice but didn’t think it had that much of an impact, b) the majority of the MSM still refutes that they were in the tank for Obama even though they made statements that proved that they were and even though there are many journalists out there that admit that they were clearly bias and c) this bias did in fact have a huge impact on the 2008 election cycle.

I think that those of us that believe that the bias present in the MSM is harming our culture, traditions and values need to spread awareness to those that are listed in a,b and c, above.  It is a sad thing to not be able to trust the media, but it is even more sad when we encounter those that do.  Here are some of my favorite sites for not only getting news, but for exposing with a big fat spotlight, daily bias in the MSM.  It is hard to refute the facts when they are in back and white right in front of you!

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