A new development in Obama’s “transparency” site was confirmed today for those that weren’t already suspect.  Administration officials have announced that the recovery.gov stimulus tracking site will not have any details available on contracts and grant available until October at the earliest…and could be pushed back as far as Spring 2010.  The reasoning behind this lag time screams of incompetency at best and ‘I don’t want to even go there’ at worst.  Some of the excuses offered included the time it will take to prepare the info for the site as well as not having enough “data storage capacity”.

President Obama made several promises not just during his campaign, but during the first 100 days of his administration that were on the subject of transparency.  One of the biggest and most widely touted of these promises was to enable citizens to “track every dime” of the $787 billion outlined in the bill.  At this point, an interested party can see how much money was given to each state from the federal government and from there find out how much will be allocated to each city, but that is as far down the line as it goes.  There are few projects that spending data is available on and the names of contractors are unavailable at this point.

What happened to the “new era” of “transparency”?  So far this is business as usual with a left leaning twist and Chicago politics thrown in for good measure.  Will Obama be held accountable for this issue, or will he step back and let someone else take the blame (i.e. Air Farce One skimming downtown Manhattan)?  Will the media question him on this matter and hold his feet to the fire, unrelenting until a REAL answer is given?  Or will they continue with their “enchanting” question lines and maybe ask him what his favorite part of the recovery.gov site is….or maybe if he is enthralled with the color scheme?