A self proclaimed political and news junkie that believes in the power of free speech and the sentiment that the more speech, the merrier.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Adam12 Says:

    Thanks for the entertainment. It’s fun watching Republicans, the party of the 20th century, slowly fading away due to your inability to see the modern world with anything but fear of things you don’t understand. Keep it up. Speak out more. We need a good laugh.

    1. rghrdrgirl Says:

      If that’s what you truly believe than keep on that track. As I stated previously, the quickest way to get a liberal out of office is to stand back and do nothing…they will shoot themselves in the foot faster than a conservative could foist them out the door. Which means in about two seconds flat. It’s already happening and they will continue to deteriorate at a heightened pace.

      he libs may have had a message back in 2006 and continued with the theme in 2008 and that message was ‘get rid of Bush’ and ‘Republicans are the party of no’. Well no is going to sound pretty darn good to a lot of people after trillions of dollars of yes….

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